How to Create a Position Report

This article will show you how to create a Position Report in your Molecule account. A position report can show you a variety of valuation metrics such as position, MTM change, or even option greeks. To get started, click on the '+' icon next to 'Position' on the left pane of your screen:

You should notice a pop-up appear titled "Create a View". Here you can label the report whatever you'd like in the text field, after doing so click the 'Save' button:

After naming your report, you will automatically be taken to the Position screen. Select the '+' icon on the top left corner to create a new Series:

A form will pop up with a variety of fields you can customize:

After making selections to reflect the data you would like to view, click 'OK'. You can also click 'APPLY' to look at the results before closing out the window.

You can create as many series as you like. Totals will be displayed at the bottom of each series column:

You can click the grid icon to rotate the view:

You can select a range of cells to get information specific to the selected range:

You can select daily, monthly, or yearly views:

You can click the 'Share' icon and copy this position within your own account, or share a copy of it with another account in your company. Note, when you share a position with another user, any changes you make thereafter will not be reflected in their copy:

This is a brief overview of what you can do in your positions screen. If you have any questions, contact us and we can help.

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