Mark Levels

Molecule uses a concept we call "Mark Level" to determine the priority of marks & volatilities that are used to value a trade. In some documentation, these may also be called `curve_source` or `quality`. Mark levels are available on-screen, at Market Data->Curves. It's the dropdown just to the left of the "Product" column. When clicked, you see the mark levels, listed by priority (highest to lowest):

Market Data uploaded via the v2 API, via screen, or via a custom script built for your company, is always purple ("User Provided") unless the word `estimate` is found in the filename, in which case it's light blue ("User Provided Estimate"). All other mark levels are generated automatically by Molecule.

In general, Molecule uses the highest-priority mark for valuations. If two marks are needed (such as for option strike interpolation), both marks must be at the same level.

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