How to Use View Features

The valuations screen is Molecule's in-app, pivotable reporting tool powered by Molecule's REST API. It is intended to replace Molecule's legacy Positions screen in 2022.

What it Does

The valuations screen uses Molecule's Valuations API, documented here, to provide valuation data to users that can be transformed into customized views through column selection, grouping, pivoting, sorting, filtering, and aggregation.  A user can create multiple views, with each view's full selection of preferences saved for the next time visiting the page.

Creating a View

Click the + button to the right of any existing view tabs.

Enter a name for the view and press ENTER

Click the purple, vertical bar labeled COLUMNS on the right side of the screen to expand the column picker. You can choose the columns you'd like to include in your view if you'd like. Hint - There is a convenient search feature here to help filter the column list. These selections will get saved automatically.

As you create multiple views, they are displayed in tabs on the page. Data for a view can be refreshed by clicking the refresh icon above the tabs or by simply changing your reporting date.

Using Grouping on a Detail View

Views also support grouping and aggregation, allowing for easy collapse and expansion of trade-level detail. Drag descriptive fields into the ROW GROUPS section below the column list and numerical fields into the VALUES section to create summary rows. Each group can be expanded to drill into trade-level detail.

Clicking on a metric in the values grouping allows you to choose the aggregation method for this column.  The default is a summation. 

Using Pivot Mode

Molecule's valuation views support further grouping and aggregation (like a Pivot Table).  At the top of the column picker, toggle PIVOT MODE to reveal the COLUMN LABELS grouping.  Drag the column you want to be grouped across the columns into this section.

Like simple grouped mode, clicking on a metric in the values grouping allows you to choose the aggregation method for this column.

Special Features

  • SUMMARY VIEW - A user can toggle the SUMMARY VIEW option to use the valuations summary API endpoint, resulting in data that is summarized before loading to the grid.  This results in much faster load times.  Details of the valuations summary endpoint are documented here.
  • INCLUDE INVENTORY - A user can toggle the INCLUDE INVENTORY option to include inventory valuations in their view.  This will only impact if the user's account is configured to use Molecule's inventory feature.
  • SORTING - Click on a column label to sort the details by that column.
  • FILTERING - Click the icon with the three horizontal rows beside a column label to reveal filtering options for that column.
  • EXPORT - Some or all rows of a view can be exported to Excel.  The export button is in the top right corner of the screen.  A user can select certain rows to be exported using the selector in the first column of the grid.
  • CLONING, RENAMING, and DELETING - Hovering over a view's tab exposes buttons that allow a user to clone, rename or delete that view.  Note that the button to clone a view will only appear when hovering over the currently active view on the screen.

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