How to Import Trades

If you have a number of trades that you need to manually book in the system, Molecule has an easy way for you to do so using the trade import template. To start, download a template file by clicking on the download icon on the top right of your Trades screen and selecting Download Template:

An Excel file titled " trade_import_upload_template" will be downloaded. You'll notice that a few fields have already been filled out. For example:

Column Breakdown

Name Description Format (Example) Required?
trade_date The date of the trade. 04-Apr-18 Yes
quantity The quantity of the trade. If the trade is a sell, you will need to add a negative sign in front of the number. -200 Yes
quantity_type Specifies how the quantity of the trade should be determined. Quantity types are 'unit,' 'contract,' 'month,' or 'day.' unit Yes
mark If you would like your trade to mark with a different product's curve price, you can do that here by filling out the product's ticker symbol. You can also specify a contract month, but it is not required. JAN 2019 NG No
primary_product_code The ticker symbol of the trade. NG Yes
price The price of the trade - can be static or formula. 3.25 (static example)
38.3%(JAN 2020 NG + 0.0) + 0.035 (formula example)
strike The strike price of the trade (for options only). 1.5 Yes (for options)
right Specifies whether the trade is a 'call' or a 'put' (for options only). call Yes (for options)
counterparty The counterparty of the trade, using their 'short name'. NYMEX No
tenor_start The beginning of the first contract period of the trade. 01-Apr-18 Yes
tenor_end The end of the last contract period of the trade. As trades can have multiple legs and frequencies, this may not simply be the end of the tenor_start month. 30-Apr-18 Yes
origin Filled out only if there are multiple trade origins set for the account. Most accounts do not have this. Experimental Energy Yes (for accounts with multiple origins)
tags Specifies which book the trade will be assigned to. You may also include secondary tags (beginning with @). All tags will need to be separated by a 'space'. Note: tag names may not have 'spaces' in their names. #demo @strategy_1 Yes (book only)
fcm The FCM of the trade, using their 'short name'. NYMEX No
settlement_date_override If you would like to specify your own settlement date for the trade, you can do that here. Populated as a date, if this field is specified, the imported trade's legs will be given this value as its realization date. 30-Apr-18 No
notes Any notes you would like to include with the trade can be filled out here. This is a test trade. No
po/so A field for purchase order/sales order. 1A2B3C No
custom_field_values For accounts with "custom fields" set up. Custom fields for trades are done in JSON format. {"Account": "first", "Priority": "moderate"} No (unless the field is created as "required")

* Note: Each row in your spreadsheet represents an individual trade that will be uploaded.

Here is a complete test import template for reference:

  • Once you have filled out the spreadsheet, you can upload it to Molecule by clicking on the upload icon on the top right corner of your trades screen:
  • After clicking on the icon, a window will appear where you can select your file. After selecting, click on Open.
  • You will then receive a message in your notifications window when the upload starts and finishes:
  •  If there are any issues with your upload file, Molecule will send an error message. For example:

Hope this helps! Feel free to send any questions our way at

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