How to Import Market Data (Curves)

If you would like to upload market data, you can do so by importing an Excel spreadsheet.

First, click on the MARKET DATA tab on the left-hand side, then select CURVES.


Fill in your product names/codes, as-of date, and marks for as many products as you need. The final results should look something like this:

The select:

Once your file is uploaded, you should get a notification under the MESSAGES tab.

The message will tell you if your upload was successful or if there is an error.

Make sure to delete your message when you're finished so there's no confusion with future uploads.

To see your upload, click the drop-down menu on the far left. This menu should populate:

You'll be able to see your imported marks/curves by selecting the USER PROVIDED option in the drop-down menu or the light blue USER PROVIDED ESTIMATE if the term "estimate" is found in the filename.

You may include multiple tabs, and they should all be parsed

That's it! If you have issues or questions, feel free to send them our way at

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