5 Things you Can Do on the Trades Screen

There are quite a few ways to quickly organize trades and columns directly from our app's TRADES screen! You can access the TRADES screen as soon you open the app or from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side.

From there, you can: 

1. Filter Trades

To filter or sort trades, press the three lines in the right-hand corner of the PRODUCT column. 

After you press it, a field should populate that looks like this: 

Then, you can select Equals or Contains from the drop-down and type in what you'd like to filter. 

Once you've added a filter, it should populate as a column.  

To delete the filter, press the red on the left-hand side of the column. 

To delete all filters, you can also press the CLEAR FILTERS button at the top right-hand side of the screen. 

If you're ever looking for trades and can't find them, check if you have a filter applied. 

2. Add or Remove Columns

To add or remove columns, select PICK COLUMNS from the ACTIONS drop-down menu. 

3. Drag to Move Columns

To move columns, find the selected column you'd like to move and hold down on the three lines in the right-hand corner of the column title. 

To move the column, continue holding it down and drag it left or right. Once you've found where you'd like to move the column, you can drop it into place.   

4. Sort Trades

To sort trades, press on the column you'd like to sort.  

5. Add and Name a Custom View

To add a view, press the + button next to the PRIMARY VIEW tab. 

Once you press the add button, this screen should populate next to the PRIMARY VIEW tab:  

You can press the View Name box and type in what you'd like to name in the new tab. If you want to delete the new view, press the omit button next to the check mark. 

Once you're finished, press the check button to save your new view name.

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