Park and Loan Entry

Molecule supports a dedicated trade entry form designed to facilitate capturing natural gas park and loan deals. The purpose of this entry form is to create both sides of a park and loan deal from a single trade entry.

Trade products require a special configuration to enable this dedicated entry form. Contact our CS team to be provided a list of products enabled for park and loan entry or to have new products created.

Trade Entry

Trade entry begins like all other entry in Molecule, by selecting a product. When a product is selected that is enabled for park and loan deal entry, the form provides two sets of dates and price. This allows the user to specify the dates and price of the initial injection into or withdrawal from the pipeline as well as the dates and price of the subsequent return from or to the pipeline.

The result of saving the above trade is two new trades.

The two trades have the trade entry quantity split evenly across legs for each calendar day of the periods selected. Each leg automatically creates a delivery ticket which can be actualized to reflect the actual gas movement.

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