Fee Maintenance

Updated by Kyle McRoberts


Maintain custom fee types and define fee schedules to automatically apply fees to trades.


Access to fee maintenance is restricted to users with specific permissions. If granted the Fee Admin permission, you can maintain fee types and fee recommendations for your account. Find Fees in the Navigation menu Settings > Account Settings 💡 Tip: If you don't find Fees in the menu, you'll need to request access from your account administrator.

Fee Types

Click the (+) button on the Fee Names section of the screen to add a new fee type. Provide a name for the fee type and click save. The new fee type can be used on Trades and Fee Recommendations.

Fee Recommendations

Fee recommendations are schedules that are used to apply fees automatically to trades. Click the (+) button on the Fee Recommendations section of the screen to add a new fee recommendation. Select a Name, Charge Type and Rate. Provide as many remaining attributes as necessary to create the proper fee recommendation.

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