Stacks: Main Models in Molecule

Updated by Sameer Soleja

It's helpful to understand the data models and use cases for the main position-creating models (stacks) in Molecule. Broadly:

  • Trades are for actual transactions. Users can't manipulate heavily downstream.
  • Assets are for arbitrary bits of shape or other time series (that aren't market data).
  • Tickets are for injections & withdrawals from inventory.

The linked articles above describe each stack in more detail.

Cross-Model Interactions

Each of the above models (Trades, Assets, and Tickets) are associated with their own Valuations model. They generally live independently, but for the following cases:

  • As-Generated Trades: updating Asset Valuations also updates linked Trade Sublegs and Valuations
  • Tickets representing Deliveries: linking a Ticket to a Trade Subleg, actualizes & settles the Trade.
  • Asset field on Tickets: simply allows for a finer grouping of Tickets
  • Asset field on Sublegs: currently a label — does not have downstream impact

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