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Molecule's Workflows feature helps you map & model your company's trade lifecycle in Molecule.

Using Workflows

On the Trades screen, you can see a colored dot that shows which status a trade is in. Clicking the dot pulls up a list of statuses set for that account.

If you are able to set a certain status (due to a combination of status permission & locked/unlocked status of the trade), that option is clickable. Otherwise, it's grayed out. Note that the permission applies to setting a status, not to un-setting it.

Configuring Workflows


On the Workflow Settings screen, at Settings > Workflows, you can create, edit, and reorder statuses.

You can also assign individual users who have access to set that status. If a status has no users assigned, nobody will be able to set it.


Statuses can be set automatically when an action happens in the system. Today, those actions are:

  • When a new trade is entered
  • When a trade is made by using the Clone feature
  • When a trade is locked or unlocked


Q: The status I want to set is grayed out. Why?

A: You can set a status on a trade when (a) you have permissions for that status and (b) the trade is unlocked. The most common reason a status can't be set is (b).

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