How to Upload Market Data via API

Market data is relatively easy to get into Molecule. Some of our customers upload market data via API. 

API, Version 2

As of early 2019, Molecule has a new upload API for market data. For more information, see our API guide here.

API, Version 1


You'll need the following:

  • A Molecule username/password with permission to upload market data.
  • A curves_upload_template.xlsx file filled out with the market data you intend to upload. You can get a sample in the Molecule app, at Market Data/Curves/Download/Curves Template, or by clicking here.
  • cURL (or a similar tool) installed on your machine.

A simple cURL command gets things done. Here's an example:

curl '' -v -XPOST -F curve_upload_record\[data_file\]=@/path-to-your-file/curves_upload_template.xlsx -u username:password

Just substitute the following fields:

  • path-to-your-file
  • username
  • password

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