As-Of Date

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As-of dates are a core concept in most Molecule reporting. They represent a reporting date -- the date that a specific report is about. As-of dates are in:

  • Valuations (and Settlements) Reporting
  • YTD Reporting
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Asset Reporting
  • Marks & Volatilities

Other systems may refer to this date as reporting date or effective date. Reporting rows for an as-of date may be modified at any time.

In Reports

Reports in Molecule may show as-of date in a column labeled as-of, As Of, or as_of.

On Screen

Screens in Molecule where as-of dates are relevant (i.e., reporting screens, market data screens) show an as-of date picker on the top right. It looks like this:

Clicking an as-of date picker shows a calendar where you can choose the date for which you'd like to see the on-screen data.

The Trades screen does not have an as-of date picker. In Molecule, trades do not have as-of dates. They have trade dates -- and they ultimately create reporting rows with as-of dates.

Immutable (Fixed, As-At) Reporting Dates

As-of dates are not always the way a report looked on a specific date in the past. In practice, they generally are. However, for an auditable guarantee of how a particular report looked in the past, you'll want to use our Valuations Snapshot feature.

Immutable dates are not currently available for Assets.

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