How to Transfer a Position

Molecule provides a quick-and-easy way to move a position, or a quantity not related to a trade, to another book. This can be easily done via the trade entry screen.

Note that this is different from transferring a trade. For more on that topic, see How to Transfer a Trade.


To start, enter the destination position as a trade, with a product that represents the thing being transferred. In the Tags field, enter the destination book. In the Counterparty field, consider entering your own company.

Then, open the "More" panel below the standard trade entry fields, and enter a book in the transfer source field.

The Save button will turn into a Save Transfer button. When you click it, Molecule will book two trades.

The first trade reverses the position (in terms of the Product and Quantity entered) from the book in the transfer source field. The second adds the position into the book entered in the tags field.

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