Molecule Feature/Enhancement Request Guidelines

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This guide explains Molecule's approach to managing new feature and enhancement requests—the intent is to set expectations around what becomes of requests once submitted. This document focuses on feature/enhancement requests. To report bugs, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Submitting Requests

We welcome your ideas for new features or enhancements. Your feedback is vital for our continuous improvement. Please discuss your ideas with your Customer Success Manager, detailing the functionality, use cases, and their significance to your organization. Each request is assigned a unique identifier for tracking.

Evaluation Process

Our Product Management team evaluates all feature and enhancement requests. Decisions are based on market needs, strategic direction, and resource availability. Customer Success Managers are often passionate advocates for the customers they support but are not tasked with roadmap decisions or allocating engineering resources.

Review Timeline

We strive to review requests within two weeks, assessing them for alignment with our product vision, user experience, technical feasibility, and relevance to the energy commodities trading sector.

Request Statuses

Until development on a feature is started, requests will be in one of three states.

  • Triage: Awaiting initial review.
  • Backlog: Considered for future plans with no set timeline.
  • Not Yet: Unlikely to be implemented soon.

When the decision is "Not Yet" we're happy to explain our decision-making on why a request is unlikely to be implemented soon. Generally, it's because the request falls outside our current strategy or feasibility.

In many cases, we will add the feature to our Backlog and deliver it during the normal course of business.

Rarely, we may make a "Promise" to complete a feature, potentially with an estimated arrival time (ETA). When we do, you'll hear from your Customer Success Manager about a timeline for delivery. We will do everything we can to meet this promise date.

Commitment to Communication

We are dedicated to open communication and collaboration with our customers, though we can't fulfill every request immediately. We aim to exceed your expectations in the dynamic energy commodities trading industry.

This document is periodically updated to align with market and customer needs. You can provide feedback on this guideline by emailing:

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