Customer Test Environments

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Molecule offers access to a "Customer Test" environment, as an add-on. It is included as part of Enterprise plans.

Purpose & Schedule

Our Customer Test environments are designed to be used to test configurations. They run the latest version of Molecule code, and are updated regularly. The schedule:

Code is refreshed within 24 hours of a production update of Molecule (roughly every two weeks).
Data is refreshed on the 1st and 15th of each month, at approximately 12:01 AM US Central / European Central time.


Customer Test environments are copies of the Production environment. They have most core features enabled, but do not have:

  • Automated Trade Feeds
  • Automated Market Data feeds
  • Custom Reports
  • Any custom scripts that have been built by Molecule

To connect any custom scripts to a customer-test environment, please make sure to point them to the customer-test URL.


User permissions in Customer Test environments are identical to their counterparts in Production. Passwords, however, are not.

The first time you sign in to a Customer Test environment, you'll need to hit "forgot password." This is because passwords do not move between environments.

Getting Access

Please contact our CS team to get started with access to a Customer Test environment.

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