Updated by Sameer Soleja

Molecule supports a number of business day (and other holiday) calendars, in-app and via our API. Under the hood, we use the open-source Ruby holidays gem, so any calendar in that list is available in-app, in calendar fields (such as Agreements and Products).

In addition, we've added the following calendars that haven't yet been added to the open-source project. In-app codes are listed in code formatting.

  • CME (cme)
  • Dalian Commodity Exchange (dce)
  • ICE (ice)
  • ICE Agricultural (ice_agri)
  • ICE LIBOR (ice_libor)
  • ICE UK (ice_uk)
  • LBMA Morning (lbma_am)
  • LBMA Afternoon (lbme_pm)
  • LME (lme)
  • PJM (pjm)

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