Assets Stack

Updated by Sameer Soleja

Broadly, Assets provide users the ability to directly write Asset Valuation rows that can line up with Trade Valuation rows. Assets are often used for custom shape, forecasts, natural positions, or even as repositories for the output of custom valuation models.


Assets Stack


When an Asset is created, a row is created in the Asset model; nothing else. Users can decide whether child Asset Valuation rows will be created by:

  1. The Asset calling out to a location and receiving a curve of positions/valuations/etc in response, daily, or
  2. By manual upload (or API post) by the user

User Interaction

Users interact directly with Asset Valuations — that's what this model is for. It's the place in Molecule where users have the most direct control.


When Asset Valuation rows are created, little else happens — other than for Assets linked to Trades. In those cases, Trade Subleg volumes are updated when asset valuation rows update. This feature is helpful for modeling PPAs, getting a native position represented in VaR, etc.

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