How to Update Tags in Bulk

Occasionally, you'll need to update tags for several trades at once. Molecule has a convenient feature to help you do so.

Setting Up

  1. On the TRADES screen, make sure you have the TAGS column, as well as the STATUS one.
  2. Assuming you (a) have the permissions to edit a trade, and (b) its status is UNLOCKED, you can edit it straight from the TRADES screen

Editing One Trade

First, click in a cell for a trade in the TAGS column.

Then, type the name of the new tag.

Then hit ENTER. The trade saves, and you'll see an indicator that the tag has been updated and that the screen needs to refresh.

Editing Several Trades

Copy the tag name to your clipboard with CTRL/CMD+C. You can do this from a tag you just edited, or somewhere else on your computer.

Select the rows for trades you want to update. (This is the tricky part; you'll want to make sure you just have blue boxes, not white ones. Hit ESC to back out of a white box)

Paste the tag name, via CTRL/CMD+V. Your trades update!

Why Didn't My Trades Update?

This is a convenience feature, and there are multiple reasons why trades will not update:

  • They are locked. Unlock them first (or have them unlocked)
  • You don't have permissions to Edit Trades. Make sure your user account has that permission.
  • NOTE: There is currently an issue where the first selected item doesn't update. It is in the queue to be fixed.

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