How to Add Mark Levels

Molecule uses a concept called Mark Level to determine the priority of marks and volatilities used to value a trade. In some documentation, these may also be called curve_source or quality

First click on MARKET DATA from the left-hand sidebar, then select CURVES.  

Next, click on the white triangle in the top left-hand corner. The following menu should auto-populate: 

From the drop-down menu, the mark levels are listed by priority (highest to lowest). 

Market data can be uploaded via the v2 API, the MARKET DATA screen, or a custom script built for your company. If you'd like to know how to upload market data, check out our article here

You can access it under the purple USER PROVIDED option or the light blue USER PROVIDED ESTIMATE if the term "estimate" is found in the filename. All other mark levels are generated automatically by Molecule.

In general, Molecule uses the highest-priority mark for valuations. If two marks are needed (such as for option strike interpolation), both marks must be at the same level.

That's it! If you have issues or questions, feel free to send them our way at

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