How to Void a Trade

Release #242, on June 23, 2022, introduced the ability to easily void a trade, essentially deleting the trade while maintaining the reporting data up to the void date. Follow these instructions to void a trade.

On the TRADES screen, find the trade you wish to void, click the hamburger action menu and select VOID.

The following screen should populate: 

 From there, you can update the void date and press SAVE when finished.  

All valuation entries for this trade with a reporting date greater than or equal to the void date will be deleted.

Voiding a Group of Trades

If you'd like to void a group of trades, you can read more about how to group trades here. Select the trades you'd like to group by pressing hovering over the commodity icon on the left-hand side and checking the boxes like this: 

Follow the steps above to void the trade but remember to select which trades in the group you'd like to void. 

Add the VOID DATE, and press SAVE when you're finished.  

Additional Notes:

  • Voided trades can still be viewed in the application by selecting SHOW DELETED TRADES from the actions menu of the Trades screen.
  • Voiding is a destructive action that cannot be undone.

That's it! We hope this will save you some time. If you have any questions, please let us know at

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